Art Festival Information and Entry Forms

BWC and Burlington Junior Woman's Club jointly sponsor a competition each January. Winners are entered in District and State contests in February and March. The 2018 Arts Festival will be held at Holly Hill Mall January 23‑28, 2018.
Note that the art will be delivered to the mall on Tuesday between 3 and 5 pm!

Information has been provided to Art and Photography teachers in the local schools.
All entries must be pre-registered - see form and deadline below.

The links below will open the forms you need to enter the Arts Festival.
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2018 Student Arts Festival Contest Information
Open to students in grades 6 through 12 in public, private, charter, or home schools.
All entries must be pre-registered by the teacher, the deadline for emailing forms is Friday, January 12, 2018.

2018 Visual Arts and Photography Student Contest Information and Rules

The same Pre-Registration form is available in two formats, an interactive PDF form, and a document in Microsoft Word format.

Pre-Registration Form - Interactive PDF

Pre-Registration Form - Microsoft Word

Student entries must be labeled on the back when delivered to the Mall on January 23. These forms are available in the same two formats.
These may also be printed and filled in legibly by hand.

GFWC-NC Entry Forms - Interactive PDF

GFWC-NC Entry Forms - Microsoft Word

If the instructions for attaching the Entry Forms to the artwork are not clear, this diagram might help:
Entry Label Instructions